Monday, November 17, 2014

FAX 044: Arklight - "Decadence and Paranoids" C40

Enter the dismantled acid cowboy nightmares of NYC trio, Arklight. Having been bouncing around the city for a few years now, making tapes with other great labels like Abandon Ship and Ruralfaune, Daniel Kolm and friends come home and give us 14 songs of garage pop grit and twang to get you through the winter. Edition of 50.


Monday, November 10, 2014

FAX 041: Sky Thing - "Lisa's Hat" C40

I've never known anyone as interested in sound as John Collins McCormick. From his experiments in acoustics and sound sculpture to his innovations in format with the instructive pamphlet album, "Music for Earplugs", he has always seemed fascinated by resonance and atmosphere, exploring every tone in a sound as simple as a styrofoam cup dragging across the floor. On "Lisa's Hat", we step into a room of intense concentration on our surroundings, every buzz and click adding to a resplendent garden of refuse. Edition of 50.


Monday, November 3, 2014

FAX 042: BANG! BROS. - "HARD ROCKS vol. 9: Ab Scrapped Concrete" C32

To my knowledge, this is the second-to-last of the "lost" BANG! BROS. recordings, and if it isn't a straight ripper, described by the band themselves as one of their more "musical" albums. Whatever you actually want that word to mean, get ready for some hype thud'n'bump from one of the most creative and ambitious pair of friends New England has ever offered. Edition of 50.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

FAX 040: Free Weed/Sam Gas Can split C40

From both coasts of the good USA comes a split tape of the dopest degree. Finally together on one tape: Portland, OR's weirdo bong pop doper Free Weed and Northampton, MA's legendary cartoon wonder Sam Gas Can. A collaborative release between Gnar Tapes and SGC's Faux-Pas Recordings label, this is the symbol of a bond that stretches across the entire span of America. This bad boy of a tape contains a brand new album by Free Weed called "TGIF 24/7" and a brand new EP by Sam Gas Can called "Why Can't I Be Normal?", as well as delicious art and swell download card. This is the Spring Fling you have been waiting for. Pop that tape in the player and let that good ole American pop music do it's thing...


Thursday, March 14, 2013

FAX 039: (D)(B)(H) - “Masterpieces of Objective Reporting” LP

A full length LP featuring two side long cuts by this ever-changing ensemble. Recorded in a 19th century log cabin in Southern Indiana, these recordings as a quartet showcase the group in their most patient and cohesive display to date... Eavesdropped upon as soft talkers finish each others sentences, a silhouette of sound passes through the room. Spittle and scrapes coalesce into a single vessel of subtlety as thin fingers course along your scalp. Slowly dragged - into and through an alien terrain in a dream state of heightened awareness. Small motors, distant whirling tones and a vibrating necklace; under the influence of being under the water. File under: lowercase, non-idiomatic improv, deep listening. Pressed in an edition of 210 copies on thick vinyl. Cover art by John McCormick spray painted & screen printed onto recycled jackets, some brown and others white. Co-released with Friends & Relatives and Gilgongo Records.


FAX 038: Robert Ridley-Shackleton - "E. Jack" C30

With previous releases on Goaty Tapes and Feeding Tube Records, Britain's boy toy brings 30 manic minutes of lustful vocal loops, creating his own brand of Prince-style sexiness. More pop than not, and just a little bit tender (song titles like "Don't Torture Me", "Somewhere Better", "Just 1 Teardrop"), you're bound to make a mess in at least one article of clothing. Edition of 50.


FAX 037: The Fribbles - "Meet the Fribbles" C20

"That was great, guys, like Vietnam" -Nick Williams (One Kind Favor)

Described by Byron Coley as "ice cream rock", the collaboration of Anthro Rex (internet famous alcoholic) and Sam Gas Can (hot dog-eating, South Park-watching cretin) is the product of two dudes with no interest in practicing and a severe passion for milkshakes. Dumb drumming, vocal freakouts, and a Kate Bush cover here and there. Recorded live at home in Northampton, MA. Edition of 50.


FAX 036: Tracey Trance - "Pyper Kub" LP

In today's world of "internet presence," the music of Tracey Trance is as "real people" as it gets.  When Tracey (AKA Tyler, longtime resident of Hangtown, USA) does happen to get on a computer, it's only to spin rainbow colored poetry to a friend or figure out the next spot he's gonna park his truck.  Although he's been granted releases on such taste making labels as Not Not Fun and Night People, he's turned in lo-fi home recordings that are difficult to pin down in any one time, place or genre.  Pyper Kub is his debut long playing vinyl and it is a startling and heartfelt departure from the hypnagogic keyboard recordings that many have enjoyed over the last few years. This is a song based record, focusing mainly on guitar, bass and vocals.  There's a little Slang Tang, some serious wah-wah, a dollop of Joe Walsh circa But Seriously, Folks...  and there's a lot of Tyler's odd, elfish spirit.  A collection of road songs that play out in some sort 70s mirror universe.  My favorite finds our hero contemplating the fine line between freedom and imprisonment while a K-9 unit searches his truck.  This record has a way of growing on you, and I've played my copy of the original ultra-limited cassette release countless times.  Nifty vinyl co-release with Trd W/dHot ReleasesFeeding Tube RecordsOne Kind Favor, L'animaux Tryst Canada Goose Tapes. One time edition of 700 copies on cream colored vinyl.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

FAX 035: Anthro Rex - “Return to Sender” C30

Famed tumblrer and collage-ist, Daniel James Cashman, presents us with his most personal and, believe it or not, introspective release to date. The songs and attitude of Anthropophagous Rex have long been a heavy influence on my own music, so I couldn’t be prouder to package this one up for the hungry masses. Can’t lose with song titles like “Snuggler’s Blues” and this summer’s big hit, “I Hate Stuff That Sucks”. Thank you for the hard rock. Edition of 50.

Anthro Rex - "Phantasie Me" by samgascan


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Noise Nomads - "Menacing Bells" C30

FAX 028: Noise Nomads - “Menacing Bells” C30

The swamp hag lifts himself out of the mire for another screeching, swirling onslaught of harsh owl howl, bowls and sticks turned into tools of oppression. Is that the door? Is it...? Edition of 100.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out of Print Releases

FAX 043: DJ Selector Faux-Pas presents "Kung-Fu Misery" C60 mixtape
FAX 034: the Warriors OST Bootleg C30
FAX 033: Lack - “Commitment to Academia” C20
FAX 032: The Suicide Magnets - "Whore Bath" C26
FAX 031: Bastian Void/Three Fourths Tigers - "Designs for Coloring" CS
FAX 030: Nuslux - “Satakieli” C26
FAX 029: Laura Warholic - “what comes before the word??” C26 download
FAX 027: A. Restrepo - "3 Songs" digital EP download
FAX 026: Shep and Me / Tracey Trance split C38
FAX 025: Sam Gas Can / Justin Clifford Rhody split 7”
FAX 024: (D)(B)(H) / Tiny Music split C60
FAX 023: Weirding Module - “Sewer System” C34
FAX 022: "if U can't Tie a Knot, Tie a Lot" digital comp. download
FAX 021: Pak - "Creosote" C20
FAX 020: Sam Gas Can - "Tuxedo Road" C16 download
FAX 019: Arnau Sala - "PER SEMPRE" 3" CD-R
FAX 018: Sam Gas Can - "presents DJ Selector Faux-Pas" cassingle
FAX 016: Sam Gas Can - "Aswang" 7" download
FAX 015: Kommissar Hjuler und Frau/i'd m thfft able - "Stehlbare Polizei" split c47
FAX 014: Heat Wilson / Stonedwall Jackson split C21
FAX 013: Happy Jawbone Family Band - “On the Wrong Side of the Candy Machine” CD-R
FAX 012: Sord - “Endless Muselike Vision” C30
FAX 011: Sam Gas Can - "The Story of Artificial Peace" 3" CD-R
FAX 010: Sam Gas Can - "Greatest Hits"
FAX 009: Mountain Oyster - "Balls Deep" digital cassingle
FAX 008: Rusty Spoons / Sam Gas Can split C20 download
FAX 007: Sam Gas Can / D. Moor - "The Decadent Tape" CD-R
FAX 006: Crank Sturgeon - "Basement Ape"/"Dupe, terse, mashacoustic..." 2 x 3" CD-R
FAX 005: John Thill - "The Sluts" 3" CD-R
FAX 004: WHITE CRIME - "s/t" C16 download
FAX 003: Synt.Tofs - "TROLL.BONER" 3" CD-R
FAX 002: Stonewall Jackson - s/t CD-R
FAX 001: Sam Gas Can - "Hot Dog!" CD-R download