Thursday, May 23, 2013

FAX 040: Free Weed/Sam Gas Can split C40

From both coasts of the good USA comes a split tape of the dopest degree. Finally together on one tape: Portland, OR's weirdo bong pop doper Free Weed and Northampton, MA's legendary cartoon wonder Sam Gas Can. A collaborative release between Gnar Tapes and SGC's Faux-Pas Recordings label, this is the symbol of a bond that stretches across the entire span of America. This bad boy of a tape contains a brand new album by Free Weed called "TGIF 24/7" and a brand new EP by Sam Gas Can called "Why Can't I Be Normal?", as well as delicious art and swell download card. This is the Spring Fling you have been waiting for. Pop that tape in the player and let that good ole American pop music do it's thing...