Thursday, March 14, 2013

FAX 039: (D)(B)(H) - “Masterpieces of Objective Reporting” LP

A full length LP featuring two side long cuts by this ever-changing ensemble. Recorded in a 19th century log cabin in Southern Indiana, these recordings as a quartet showcase the group in their most patient and cohesive display to date... Eavesdropped upon as soft talkers finish each others sentences, a silhouette of sound passes through the room. Spittle and scrapes coalesce into a single vessel of subtlety as thin fingers course along your scalp. Slowly dragged - into and through an alien terrain in a dream state of heightened awareness. Small motors, distant whirling tones and a vibrating necklace; under the influence of being under the water. File under: lowercase, non-idiomatic improv, deep listening. Pressed in an edition of 210 copies on thick vinyl. Cover art by John McCormick spray painted & screen printed onto recycled jackets, some brown and others white. Co-released with Friends & Relatives and Gilgongo Records.